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This is the case trace page for abode. We have a panel of conveyancers and solicitors providing cheap and very efficient conveyancing for the public. Online referrals to solicitors are a way of ensuring that you only get a tried and tested efficient yet also a good value solicitor, conveyancer or firm of solicitors and conveyancers. abode (NOT adobe) only offer a panel of established conveyancing solicitors and conveyancers. Case trace, and Expedite are two new developments coming in 2002 from abode which will provide a fast and quick method of improving conveyancing for client and solicitors / conveyancers.

The other problem is that unfortunately you cannot use our caseTrace facility to follow your conveyancing, although you will still receive the email and SMS updates from your conveyancing solicitor

You might also consider obtaining a browser that understands JavaScript as many websites these days use this versatile scripting language. This will mean that you can fully utilise our site and instruct the very best solicitors and conveyancers. A recommended browser is Netscape Navigator available for free download from the Netscape website. Download Navigator
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abode conveyancing: abode conveyancing provide conveyancing solicitors, with instant online conveyancing quote © abode conveyancing 2006
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